We specialise in contracted deep hole drilling. We produce precise bores according to customer specifications in rolls, tubes, reel and gear shafts, permanent moulds , hydraulic cylinders and many others.

We also offer pre-turning, honing and sawing.


per year


per year


We implement diameters of 18 mm to approx. 850 mm by default, at a maximum workpiece length of 20,000 mm and a swing diameter of 2,000 mm.

We process workpieces up to 50t weight.


We process full material, tubes, square and hollow-forged workpieces.

The materials range comprises alloyed and unalloyed steels, case hardening and nitriding steels, stainless and special steels, etc.

Our customers profit from our decades of experience in these material range.

Examples of materials

1.0570 • ST52
1.0503 • C45
1.7225 • 42CrMo4
1.4404 • 316L
2.4856 • Inconell625
2.4610 • Hastelloy C4

centred BTA-drilling

We drill centric according to the BTA system on 19 machines. We produce bores in bore diameters between 18 mm and approx. 850 mm.


Length: max. 20,000 mm long.
Flange/bale -Ø: max. Ø 2,000 mm
Bearing-Ø: max. Ø 1,750 mm.

Square pieces can be drilled centrally with a maximum inner diameter of 380 mm. In exceptions, larger bores are possible as well.


50 t

19 machines

Honing - cross-grinding

We hone workpieces up to 10t, with inner diameters from 36 to 400 mm and a length of up to approx. 8,000 mm, in a tolerance field of 0.2 mm with a surface of Ra 1.6 my.

Fits are produced in cooperation with a honing specialist.

Pull boring of tubes

This procedure is suitable for removal of inner errors or reduction of wall thicknesses at a defined inner diameter.

Pull boring is also used for drilling out, e.g., stainless steel centrifugal casting tubes.

The drilling tool follows the present pipe centre in this procedure and enlarges the inner diameter while maintaining present wall thickness differences. We have 6 drilling machines available for pull boring.


Bore diameter: 50 – 300 mm
Bore depth: max. approx. 13,000 mm

The maximum workpiece length depends on the bore diameter.


We have up to 7 lathes to pre-turn. For delivered tubes or rolled or forged input material, it is often necessary to turn clamping and support points.

Turning options:

  • Up to a turning diameter of 500 mm, max. 8,000 mm workpiece length
  • Turning diameter 500 – 750 mm, max. 5,000 mm workpiece length
  • Max. workpiece weight approx. 4.5 t.



Sawing / technical alternatives

Depending on piece number, purpose and dimensions, it may be more cost-efficient to drill material in combined lengths and only saw the desired workpieces afterwards. We combine your order into efficient and cost-efficient processing.

Minimum length